Introducing Jessica...

Our Senior Makeup Artist and Founder of Face it, you're Beautiful. Yes, this is me typing about myself. I didn't pay anyone to do this for me. hehe


Im Jess. I started makeup and hairstyling in 2010, right here on the Gold Coast! I studied the diploma of makeup and then decided to do a cert 4 in photography. 

Guess I just have the eye for it all.

Im not your typical makeup artist, I absolutely love the art of makeup. But I find love doing it on others, not myself. 

Whether its very natural, to way over the top GLAM. Its all art. 

To me showing me a photo and say do this, isn't going to help me get the perfect end result. I believe a makeup artist needs to find out what the person feels like they are missing and bring it back.


Asking the right questions, after all its easy to make you look good, the hard part is making you feel good.

What I think looks good on your face isn't always going to make you look good.

In the end its not about me, its about you.

Jess xx


Oxenford QLD 4210

Tel: 0424058716


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