Jessica Mcleod...

Our Senior Makeup Artist and Founder of Face it, you're Beautiful. Yes, this is me typing about myself. I didn't pay anyone to do this for me. hehe

I started makeup and hairstyling in 2010, right here on the Gold Coast! I studied the diploma of makeup and then decided to do a cert 4 in photography. 

Guess I just have the eye for it all.

Im not your typical makeup artist, I absolutely love the art of makeup. But I find love doing it on others, not myself. 

Whether its very natural, to way over the top GLAM. Its all art. 

To me showing me a photo and say do this, isn't going to help me get the perfect end result. I believe a makeup artist needs to find out what the person feels like they are missing and bring it back.

Asking the right questions, after all its easy to make you look good, the hard part is making you feel good.

What I think looks good on your face isn't always going to make you look good.

In the end its not about me, its about you.



The reason I started makeup and hair. Is the rush of making someone feel sooo special on what ever the occasion they book me for. I started off finishing my diploma of makeup and then quickly fell into loving hairstyling. The accomplishment I feel when I’ve finished someone’s wedding makeup is like no other. I honestly feel like it’s on par with saving someone’s life! I get that rush of, I did it! I’ve made her feel as beautiful as she is naturally without makeup. That’s my goal. The makeup and hair is all about you. I ask a tone of questions to help me understand what you want out of the day. Regardless of weather your a guest of the bride! I do just as good work no matter who you are. You will always feel number one when I’m finished with your look. Book me if you want THAT experience. I’m dedicated, reliable and! Jess knows I’m talented. Why shouldn’t she, she taught me! And calls me her mini me. ❤️


Cobys Work

Candy (Candice)

With over 20 years experience in Hairdressing she is very qualified and experienced at what she does. She has been in the Wedding Industry for 7 years now and feels confident in creating detailed hairstyles whether its on Thick, Fine, Curly, afro or straight hair.  Candice is  a happy, bubbly, confident person that will bring great energy to your wedding day morning. She takes pride in her work and it shows through the styles she creates. Please check out the great styles below that she has created....WOW! Wedding Days to her are pure JOY. She feels so privileged to be able share this with all of her Clients.



Heather Pinard is a Hair and Makeup stylist that has been in the industry for over  11 years. She started her career on the Gold Coast then moved to Los Angeles where she worked on music videos, red carpets, celebrities, weddings and more. She then moved to NYC where she continued in the industry also doing New York Fashion Week 2018 and 2019. She is now back in Australia and excited to work back in her home town.